Mojokiss Photo Review Part 4 of 4 Art Nudes

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I’ve gone and done it. Here are some art nudes I’ve shot. Please feel free to share and comment on each image that you find of interest. My synopsis of shooting these pictures is that all credit goes to the fearless girls. I tried and tried to get away from nudes but ya know, nothing compares. There are a lot of misconceptions about the world of nude art. I’ll cover that in an article and link it into this paragraph soon.

Most of these girls are friends of mine. I don’t typically schedule shoots, they just happen. We hang out as friends and shoot and have fun. The best is when we are having fun but are also passionate about getting great images, and work hard in spite of having fun.

It has been a long time since I’ve shot nudes like these. I guess I shoot less and less as I go because I hold myself high standards for subsequent shots. I want shooting to be challenging. I want it to be a contribution to the art collective of the world. I want each shot to be part of an experience or creative effort that goes beyond just going through the motions.

It’s wonderful to find good models and also good locations. It’s hard to shoot nudes for me because I’m always paranoid about cops, and random on lookers. I really worry a bit too much but I have gotten in trouble a few times. :\ and this day and age, you just have to be a bit paranoid of officials. That’s why i go to very remote places to shoot, to get away from all the family environments and what not. Otherwise, I just have to find a great peice of private property and get permission, but by far, I truly love nature as my canvas. I have to get out and shoot! Thanks for all the encouragement.

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