My Favorite Cheap Old Cameras

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Here are three of my favorite cheap old cameras: A DSLR, Film SLR and a Range Finder. I have provided some points and some images by each, all based on my own experience. This is meant to be a very condensed introduction to my 3 favorite cheap cameras. I have one camera that I really love but did not include because it’s not cheap, even tho it’s old, and that’s my Hasselblad.

My Favorite Cheap Digital SLR: Nikon D1x

Things you should know about this camera:

  • Only takes 1gig CF cards or smaller as is (without firmware upgrade which mine doesn’t have)
  • its old! 2001, and some of them have been heavily used by professionals
  • it sold for $6,000 new
  • it has some of the best body features ever put into a dslr camera but small monitor
  • it has a slow burst speed compared to the Nikon F5 film camera of that time.

Shots from the D1x:


My Favorite Cheap 35mm Range Finder: Minolta Hi-Matic 7

Things you should know about this camera:

  • Its very old – 1965. Leaf shutter’s need to be cleaned with acetone usually to work again
  • Fixed lens. get the 45mm f1.8 one
  • Its a range finder but focuses very accurately if not damaged
  • What you see through the eye piece is not exactly what the film plane sees
  • I like to use this camera for portraits

Shots from the Hi-Matic 7:


My Favorite Cheap 35mm SLR: Nikon F5

Things you should know about this camera:

  • It’s one of the best 35mm film cameras ever made to this day
  • Takes AA batteries
  • Uses same lenses as newer Nikon bodies but its “full frame”
  • Fast auto focus motor. The more you use it the faster batteries will run down tho.
  • No fancy menu screen like the digitals but lots of options

Shots From The Nikon F5:

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