Archival Photographic Prints for sale by “Mojokiss” aka Matthew K Mayes.

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  1. mojokiss says:

    lets talk about it

  2. Antoine says:

    I miss your photography!

  3. And this is why you’re one of my favourite photographers 😀

  4. I miss her too, she’s been kind of away from the intrawebz for a while modelling wise… she should come and visit you 🙂

  5. All I can say is that this is the kind of “poem shot” that you can do and that I love!
    Rachel doing a “self hug”, almost making a “how-to” tutorial on how to hug tender and properly.

  6. The doll look suits Mandy perfectly, because she is a doll! The focal spot (or just maybe the attention magnet) is ingenious! The space between the mattresses… leading our eyes… genius!

  7. You can do such magic with film…! I can’t say if this is a double exposure or two models 🙂 one or the other, both are amazing

    • MojoKiss says:

      you can view images at full size by clicking in the title some place. some images aren’t very big tho. maybe this will help you see the details

  8. I love this one because it has the smoothness of a black and white photo but with beautiful tones. She says she’s crippled hanging on the crutches but shows her strength through her strong harms 🙂

  9. This one is indeed epic! The shadows and the silky like skin with that silky like paint on the wall boards… I love this photo as a whole and not just for Asphyxia’s sculpture like body.
    Side note: ever since I saw a clip of one of her “movies”… thinking about her just makes me kind of sad though…

  10. Shanin… I just love her and every photo she’s in <3

  11. I love the vanishing point effect from her pose as well as the lighting

  12. the infamous pink panties 😉

  13. I have no idea who she is but I like it

  14. I don’t know why but i always stare at that discrete shadow that her jacket makes… it’s like invisible underwear 😉

  15. The tone of her skin and that hair… love it

  16. I love the pose but the stare along with that broken keyboard and the dry leaves on the old wooden floor… tell the whole “story”

  17. Yes you do need to shoot more film but your latest digital photos are also great 🙂

  18. Tom Flowers says:

    You’re a genius; no really, I mean it. I read this 3x; it’s exactly what a genius would write — especially one such as yourself. I know exactly what I’m talking about: I’m a former Marine; I have a degree in Psychology; et cetera; and I too, am a genius — though far from the high abilities of your genius.

  19. MojoKiss says:

    Soak it up and spit it out!

    • Drop D says:

      Old school is the only way at times. Nice writings, thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences.

  20. MojoKiss says:

    i love that face!!!

  21. MojoKiss says:

    She’s awesome!

  22. MojoKiss says:

    What do YOU think about Razor Candi?

  23. The most “poetic” are the minolta ones 🙂

  24. Antonio says:

    got to read up on your last 2 blogs… I dont care how pro or amateur one is., its good stuff Matthew

  25. Apollo Staar says:

    Good questions!
    I think incredible pictures from a good photographer, professional or not, trump everything. As they should. There shouldn’t be any other criteria. If your work is sought after enough, then that alone will open up all the doors. And Models should be smart enough to know what they’re getting into when they agree to work with a specific photographer. Plus everyone should get paid or compensated for…if not in cash then in something.

  26. Depot MSA says:

    A good photographer is a good photographer their work should speak for itself ,

  27. Athena says:

    After looking at so many of your pics, I have to say something; your models and pics are just fantastic. Completely stunning and interesting. I hope to work with you some day.
    Athena from MM

  28. mireilleel says:

    Incredible work ( wishing you were closer )…. Magnifique

  29. mojokiss says:

    test commenrt

  30. John says:

    Hey, I appreciate RazorCandi shots. Very well done, yoy to my eyes and soul 🙂 Keep up great work. This site really deserved more views!