Sekaa by Mojokiss

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Dear Sekaa, I met you just once, briefly, and we chatted while I built the set. I don’t even know how old you are, but you have a timeless appeal, both in your modeling and in your persona. You say you live in San Diego yet I feel like you are too much of a spirit to inhabit any one place. You listen with all your being, and you speak with a well tempered attenuation, with good measures of gentle thoughtfulness and practicality. You seem to have learned to be comfortable on the road, anywhere maybe, and I feel like you have a handle on things on purpose, from within, and it’s not all luck. But even so, i wish you the best of luck, if you need it or not, I think you deserve it. Maybe I’ll show you that link to my music one day, but it’s sadly very neglected, much like my social life, which is why I’m able to have amazing times doing things like experimental portraiture with world class talent such as yourself. I wonder what kind of music you play or sing or listen to. I don’t think I can handle all of that talent at once. If I have to be stuck in FL, this mosquito net of a state, then I’m glad to be visited by a butterfly such as yourself. And I wish you luck, in escaping this mesh of swamp traps and a pleasant return to that land far far away, across the mountains where the sun chooses to set, of all places and I can’t blame it.

Anyways, I hope you like these edits. I’m glad this “red room” worked out like it did. I can’t say i really planned this out at all. I’m very happy. Your hair is amazing. You just fell out of the sky all the sudden. You know, I’m so jealous of your travels. Even tho I’m sure its not always fun, I feel like it feels very much like being alive feels.






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