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Finally, Writing My Very Own Blog

I have a day job now where I help out with website design. Another guy does copywriting in the office and he raves about blogging being good for business. Now, I’m not a business blogger. I’m more of a weirdo who hates everything at some point and changes his mind regularly and starts new things often. So… I think this blog is going to be about a lot of those things. Things I hate and question, and things I appreciate and enjoy. Well I believe in humble beginnings so here we go.

Write about what you know? Write about what INTERESTS you!

There is a lot I don’t know… and that’s why I like to research. If I could make a job out of researching, I would. I think blogging is like sewing and I can use a sewing machine. It can become addictive, and the fears which challenge you at first eventually turn into confidence. Doing something you feel confident in, the whole while, makes you feel good. You can feel the fabric under your fingers being fed under the machine without bunching up or going off the path. You don’t sew something without a plan. There are a lot of similarities. I enjoy sewing things for other people perhaps more than I do for myself. And so, I think I’ll enjoy writing research blogs about things I may otherwise have no interest in. Perhaps that is what it means to be a professional writer.

The first cup of coffee in the morning

That comes around noon for me. That’s when I have the greatest amount of mental energy. However, my physical energy takes a while to catch up, and so I enjoy sitting in the most comfortable spot in the building i happen to be in, usually my bed, and write lots and lots of facebook posts while watching youtube. Sounds kind of silly to me now, considering I could have been blogging instead. I hope to replace that early morning opportunity now with blogging.

Why don’t we do it in the road?

I plan to enjoy blogging while I travel. This laptop was given to me years ago when a friend replaced it with a new one, and so I have been fortunate as a poor artful musician to have this device. And if anything ever happened to it, i would promptly replace it with another laptop. i love writing, and I love laptops. I love the road. I love photography, and i love music. OH, and video. And all those together provide the opportunity to produce a rich multimedia production, while simply going about my daily business, wherever I may find myself. And I don’t need to have an internet connection to write.

Editing the text of my blog

I plan to keep my blog neat. I have been a messy unorganized person for far too long now. I’ve learned the importance of a well organized system. I’ve already set up several categories for my blog that I can place each post into after writing. I’ll also tag each entry with a few words that will show up in the sidebar I imagine. I’ve always loved writing! This is going to be so exciting. I type fast and make a lot of mistakes and typos. I think I’ll keep it simple and not too rambly. I like the idea of staying on the point, and tying the articles together in a nice bow. That’s not always possible, so I’m also going to write with a grain of salt. Every post may not have a niche or a target group. I’ll write about a topic from my perspective and site resources which I have available. I’ll add h2 tags to the titles and paragraph tags to the paragraphs. My favorite blogs are very simple and neat like that. I’m still getting to know the basic wordpress editor, but I’m familiar with html markup and will always make sure the code is clean and google friendly. I’m a fan of shift+enter. I’ll revise my articles as needed and also make some text hyperlinks to helpful relative information.

Making my blog popular

That’s not my job! My job is to write and manage the content. I haven’t even chosen a theme for my blog. That’s how passionate I am about writing. Google doesn’t care about themes. I care about the words and the content. I’m excited about being involved in the blogging community and finally being a contributing member of something, in this case, a blogger. I’ll make the links seo friendly and i’ll make sharing easy. And I almost forgot about commenting! Commenting is a huge part of what i look forward to in my blog. I’ll probably have to spend a bit of time moderating the comments. I’ll have to use capcha as well.

The look and theme of my blog

I like to change things up once in a while visually. I like minimalist, and classic. I like monochrome. A friend of mine is a best selling author and he turned me onto the two column justified look. I also love the look of drop caps. I think it’s classy. At the time of this writing I have not yet played with themes or plugins on my blog. There is a term, progressive enhancement which to me has a great meaning. It speaks to building a website with content which can stand alone without any graphic enhancement and still be useful content on say an rss feed. All visual things beyond say, basic word processing can then be applied with java script and css. It’s just very logical and allows the content to be kept intact and allows everything, every photo or article to be published to various browsers and readers without messing up the readability of the material. It’s just the way things are. There are so many software languages and shells out there handling display of blogs that it pays to just keep it simple, and realize that bells and whistles are generally not a priority in blogging and are sometimes an encumbrance to the navigation and readability of a blog when it all comes down to it, on a cross section of browsers. Put your work into great writing, and save your energy from having to make visual user interfaces pixel perfect.

Writing about personal stuff

I prefer not to use names or reveal identities as much as possible, however as I am inspired by people and incidents in my life I will be writing about them sometimes. I don’t always write about what’s going on in my life because I tend to daydream a lot in spite of what I may be doing with my body at any given time. My imagination takes precedence usually. This blog is how I get that stuff out of my head!

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