Presidential Take-away

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I Don’t Vote

Before this election, I was already very cynical of the state of the people in the US. Since at least 2008 I remember watching Alex Jones along with an assortment of fringe productions. I have never had any friends. Any media I find is from random searches of things that come into my head. I consider myself unaffiliated in every way. I was paranoid. I was a skeptic. I loved hearing extremely alternative news with counter culture views. I considered myself anti-american for a very long time. I hated everything American and felt trapped.

At no point whatsoever before 2017 did I have any idea what a Republican or a Democrat was. If I ever thought about it, I generally assumed that I would side with Democrats, because by the name, I assumed they put their energy into representing the will of the people and not of the elite. I saw republicans as being the officials, and the rulers, and judges of the world but I honestly never gave it much thought.

In the past I have admired Ron Paul as well as Bernie Sanders because they seemed independent, smart, passionate, and presented solutions for our problems. I never saw either of them as being Partisan, nor did I know what “Partisan” was.

All I really cared about was nature, art and girls.

Hot Topics

Then came Obama, Black Lives Matter, 3rd Wave Feminism, an unstable Middle East, Global Warming, LGBTQ, SJW, and Hillary Clinton. Along with all of these elements came a heavy and constant flow of information from mainstream media as well as from the alternative media that i have always followed, mostly for the conspiracy theory entertainment and paranoia value. The war began, and escalated quickly around Trump, the rising presidential candidate on the scene who promised to stand against corruption. For some reason, a lot of people liked him. I was surprised to see the support, and I didn’t understand it until I listened to his stances. As the leading Republican candidate, he began to take on more and more importance. I watched. And every time he spoke about standing up against the globalists, I was encouraged. I didn’t want the policies of the world controlled┬áby a bunch of humanist nihilists who wanted to destroy all trace of traditional culture and inflict genocide on “straight white males”. The whole media driven craze was getting too intense and frankly, barbaric, basic and stupid. I sure as hell didn’t want more of that with Hillary, even if Trump made me cringe 99% of the time. He has gotten better tho thankfully. (I still don’t vote)

The Planet

I believe we are in bad shape. Overpopulation and over-industrialization are creating a lot of bi-products that need to be accounted for. I don’t think we are able to grant authority to a national or world entity to oversee these problems without an open ended debate. There is a lot at stake. Co2 doens’t cover the scope of the issue. It only imposes an over-simplified quality to a global issue. “Warming” isn’t good enough. I don’t buy into this as holding merrit. I would suggest a new debate and a fresh look at the global problems with industrial waste. It’s obvious that “Global Warming” is just a sales pitch to give more power to the globalists.

The Globalists

The globalists I speak of are not the peasants and workers of the land. They are a group of people who have a form of control over many aspects of the world governments, policies, media and resources. They created the perception of this problem based on a few very real problems, but also on convenient and predictable cycles of nature. This is like using a solar eclipse to appear that you can tell the future because no one else knows how the planets work. And here in the US, most people don’t know how the solar system works.

A Better Way

The people need to stop trusting politicians and turn to books and history and nurture a culture of discussion, philosophy and higher learning. The people need to stop looking to the government as the authority of truth. We decide what is true, valuable, important. However we behave, that’s how the government will treat us. I don’t want to depend on Trump, or any radical means of policy reform. I want us to be more thoughtful and more skeptical, more critical, and to ask more questions about the motivations of powerful alliances, and to ask more questions about what they are selling us.

I Still Hate Everything

Everything is still horrible, at least when I look at the average person’s life, my life. The best things in life have nothing to do with life, but with eternal perspectives. I just would really like “life” to be better.

I also want to say, if you must claim affiliation with democrat or republican, keep your dignity by addressing each topic individually, each question without assumption of precedence, each person without prejudice. They may not be as stupid as you think, and this will give both sides a chance to discover common ground, and ultimately to abandon partisan devotion while standing up for critical thinking.

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