Affirmation and Deficiency

Affirmations are ways of soothing vulnerabilities in troubling times. But this can be a sign of deficiency that needs to be addressed in times of peace. Truth is only palatable to those who appreciate it’s value. If you only appreciate how something makes you feel, and the not the sacrifice made for it for someone to give to you, then you don’t actually appreciate it. You don’t really know its value. And if you can’t see the long term advantage of a painful truth then you don’t really appreciate it. You aren’t ready for it and unfortunately you will have to experience great loss or pain before you are ready. The loss and pain that brought you to a place of truth resistance resulted in a crutch. That crutch can only do so much before it fails you and then you experience pain once again, and you become willing to cry for help and admit you need help. With drugs, this is very dangerous, but with affirmations, it is a little different, as it is an addiction to positive distractions. The truth is you don’t feel strong and whole and valuable because you have an unrealistic standard for yourself which is made more complicated by fantasy that tells yourself that you have achieved that status. And to keep that fantasy going, you need constant affirmations, just like a religious person needs them to keep their faith strong. It’s a diversion from the fact of a broken and incomplete foundation.

So what does a good foundation look like? It looks like singleness of mind. You can’t “serve two masters” and “a house divided against itself can not stand”. You have to be whole hearted and single minded. You must face the fork in the road and choose one, not both, and it must be the one that provides a foundation for where you want to grow. Choosing a path that provides affirmations instead of resolves weakness in the foundation will only build you taller before a great fall.

Take time to reflect and find your truth away from all emergencies and stress. Identify what doesn’t belong, and make efforts to change your inner dialogue surrounding trauma that caused a diversion from the nourishment of source. This perpetuate injury to the self and requires defense and coping mechanisms.