Agreement is not Diverse

I was thinking of ways to be useful or interesting as an artist, and I hate to use the word “relevant” because I have always felt more natural being controversial, in order to keep people from grouping into larger and larger ideology groups. I believe that diversity drives innovation. Unity is not diversity. Agreement is not diversity.

I just need a body. I don’t care what color, size, or social status. You are just a shape in my art.

My idea is rather simple. As a photographer, to stop trying to shoot pretty girls, but to no less aim to find unique and interesting people to photograph. Pretty girls and high status beauty, these are complex ideas just in themselves. Community standards for what is acceptable is complicated anyway. Different groups have different parameters of what is visually valued. If I simply used my own biases and social pools of access, which is small because I suck at social networking and business, then I would simply follow my own ideas of beauty, which are very limited and peculiar. If I were to only shoot what I idealized, forget it. I would not survive, because that face, body, etc does not actually exist except in imagination. And if I set out to shoot anything but that ideal that I subconsciously or unconsciously hold, if defined explicitly to the best of my abilities, then I would be free of that impossible standard which would waste me away in searching to capture those extinct birds. But besides all this, There is another, even more important value to the exclusion of my ideals.

To rid myself of portraying ideal beauties, is to allow my mind and focus to divert to the next desirable path, which is to focus primarily on the imagery of the rest of the image, and not the model. I might as well come out and say it now, I just need a body. I don’t care what color, size, or social status. You are just a shape in my art. If I’m trying to create beauty, I can’t create art. If I’m trying to create glamor, I can’t create art. At least not according to my idea of what it is to create art. To create for a need isn’t my type of art. I like to break the rules and give people what they do not want, or at least put it on the shelf next to what they do, to confuse them and cause them to question everything they thought was true. People don’t like that. I don’t give a fuck. It still beats being a slave to social norms.