Bio of Mojokiss

Mojokiss is the brand name I chose for my art back around 2005.

I play music and I create pictures.

Things I like vs things I don’t. Well I like traveling, creating, meeting new people, seeing old friends, trying to make a perfect picture even if by accident. I like nature for shooting, and big cities for socializing. As far as where to live, I can’t settle down. I don’t like it. But I’m in Saint Petersburg, FL in an ideal artist loft for now.

From the start, I was passionate about capturing people in images in nature and abandonments. I have no idea why other than I liked cameras and I liked girls. This was a way for me to experience both. If I didn’t like girls I wouldn’t be creating images with them. Granted, sometimes I don’t like them but most of time it’s a joy. Many of the girls I have shot are my friends to this day, if they are still alive anyways.

Money. I’m not a professional photographer because I don’t work for other people. I am a creator. I make what I want and then intend to sell it. I never got that far. I took a long long break after some major malfunctions both in my film work being lost in the mail and in my mental health going down the drains. But today as I write this bio, I’m feeling better for the first time in a long time and I’ve started to tell people I need to be alone and I need to get back to my art. It’s not easy to say that to my network. But in a way, I’m desperate to get out of the depression and anxiety that comes with being pulled away from my core passions.

Who are my mentors and heroes? I have a few photographers who inspired me and who I still keep in touch with today as sort of my family. We stick together because it’s a lonely life and no one understands us like each other. These mentors inspire me with the quality of their work and the openness that they hold with me as we exchange communications.

In the past I had a lot of opportunities during my golden days but it was all darkness in spite of it. I was feral for lack of a better term. I wasn’t and still am not a fully modern human. I would travel and live out of a suitcase and sleep on the ground in the early days. I had no idea about boundaries and social norms. I was free and naive. I still felt pain and passion. Mostly it was all about life. I forget that back in those days I was already a very good musician. I mostly just remember having nothing and no one and trying to survive every day on the streets. It was strange. I wasn’t a drug user, I just happened to be on the streets a lot because I wanted to travel but couldn’t afford hotels and didn’t have friends to stay with. I made friends quickly. Unfortunately they were all homeless. Oh boy. The people I met. Gamblers, gangsters, hookers, drug dealers, all the glue that holds the shadows of this great country together.

In spite of my dark social habits and opinion of the world as a whole, I saw amazing humanity in the lowest of places. When we break out of the hard cold shell of being in place and in order, we are left alone with two paths, one goes toward death and one toward survival. We have to love each other and be friendly and caring toward each other to survive. So that’s what I would always see on the streets. I never was robbed on the streets and I never was assaulted. All those things happened back home where things were so ordinary and unfeeling and pathological due to the social stagnation of real estate driven city planners. There’s no culture there in these cities that talk about their artists and restaurants and condos and venues.

So that’s where my heart lives; In the suffering beauty. I won’t waste my life in the safety of apathy.