Things aren’t what they are cracked up to be. When you get what you want you don’t want what you get. It’s on to the next thing. That momentum and that hope for the next thing is great. But you have to be able to feel like you accomplished the previous thing or else you just get hopeless, give up, get depressed and mentally ill. Little goals, little progress is better than big goals and progress that never pans out.

But boats for example attract the romantic types that wanna find a life away from the suffering of society. Indeed it can deliver that, but then we lose things we didn’t appreciate enough until they are gone. Boats don’t have the waterworks and air conditioning that makes the hot days bearable. And in the Winter, the winds blow too hard, and in the Summer the winds don’t blow enough. Storms threaten your life where they used to go unnoticed before.

But there are positives. Many very restful nights with few cares. The ability to think and open the mind in ways that aren’t often possible otherwise. It’s also like shooting film vs digital. It’s the process that brings the value, and not the final destination.

Maybe it’s good to try different things and not intend to do any of them permanently as a sustainable lifestyle.

I have stayed in my van and my car a good many times while traveling. The car vs the van has profound differences. The van has more space but at a great cost. It stands out more and uses more gas, and is harder to park. The car has less space but you don’t have to stay inside the car all the time. You can still stretch out fully in the back and sleep very well. It can take me farther for less money and look more in style and acceptable to the people who wish to keep their community hobo free.

Boats are limited to port towns, and that means you’re limited to shopping in port towns. These are often on the outskirts and not well populated and have few goods and services to choose from. There’s a lot of space between towns very often and one might have dwindling supplies in the spans between. You can’t take a car with you on your boat. It’s a very peculiar existence. Work and employment are very difficult on a boat.

Even living in a house has it’s cost, obviously, and benefits. Houses generally cost a lot and I generally don’t consider it possible for me to have my own house. I don’t have good credit because of emergency room visits that I haven’t paid for. And now my income is not very steady because of Covid problems with teaching and performing. I’m working on that. But even so, I’m not really sure about a reasonable way to live in a house. I play music and I like it well enough. That lends itself well to travel I suppose, and generally I enjoy travel, I suppose.

Even playing music isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It’s not all performing arts centers and applause. We have to play what is asked of us generally. What we like playing is not usually possible to do for employment. And whatever we establish ourselves to play in our network is often expected to remain constant. To me this is like living in a house and being very dedicated to staying in one place. So there are things to consider.