Humility vs Entitlement

are we living in humble times or narcissistic times? are there more gentle humble people produced from this society or more narcissists? Is there more mental well-being or more mental illness? Are we being taught to be this way? Are we being taught to be fake and live in fantasies and maintain those split mind realities, or are we shedding every day what doesn’t serve our well-being? Do we know what well-being is or are we too bombarded with self-help and identity know-it-alls to have time to reflect on what it means for us to be well?

what is humility? It means you are not the center of the universe, but that you are human. It means being human is enough, and not that you have to be a king or queen and be better than others. It means that you appreciate who you are and all the things you have to be thankful for instead of focusing on what you don’t have and instead of pretending you are better than others. It means not looking down on others and habitually blaming them for not upholding your fantasy of self grandeur.

Now go out there is kick some ass, humbly, knowing that kicking ass doesn’t require you to posture yourself above others. It means to fight and do your best every day and not be beaten up when your false self is threatened.

Then there is the low and depressed and self hating below humble right? Wrong. It’s not a stratified flat layer. Its a circle and the center is you, and the farther out you go is a deviation, where narcissism lies, intertwined with self hate. In other words, narcissism is not the antidote to self hate. Entitlement is not the cure for self hate, it’s all the same thing. There is humility and there is everything else. Humility is perfect peace of mind. To wonder at nothing that is done to you. To never put yourself above others but to know we are all equally precious beings. It’s void of self doubt.