I Had This Idea

I never wanted to do this before, but I just had this idea that printing up some of my portraits life size and having a show would be a good way to invest in my art. It would definitely show some folks that I’m serious and that I believe in myself.

Why have I never done this? I suppose I always told myself I would have much more and better work to enlarge later on. But instead of an easy road it’s been an uphill battle.

And I’m a warrior. Even tho I’m laying bleeding on the battle field, I’m still a warrior. I still have a vision, and passion and the knowledge and skills to totally dominate.

One thing leads to another. I can’t sit around I need to take chances. I’ve always done risky stupid things in the past, knowing they would lead me on to my dreams. When you or I stop taking chances to reach our dreams, we will never reach them. That’s when we die.