Moments of Peace

In moments of peace we reflect on war tho it seem distant. We know our peace is only localized and temporary at best and needs constant upkeep. We know the war and opposition and those who wish to take from us are only a paper thin cell away. We know that a storm is coming, and it’s only a matter of when.

In peaceful times we prepare for those storms. This is the nature of peace. It isn’t only a time to bask in restfulness and recovery, but a time to prepare, to build, to strengthen. In a society made up of chain links of emergency, and control by fear, there is no peace, only emergency. There is no chance to strengthen the self, only constant need for a savior, and that savior is often one who has the advantages or the monopoly on violence, emotion, fear, security, knowledge, and the narrative and shared fantasy that makes up the emergency economy. It extends to the way we cope in our social norms, our attire, our drugs, our food, and how we bond with one another. It keeps us from feeling safe out in the open and compels us to join cults, clubs, parties, and groups that might otherwise disgust us.

Peace allows us a chance to reflect without alarm, with balance, clearly and with our best interest in mind. Times of alarm don’t allow this, as we have the mind of short term survival which is never able to tend to long term rewards, which are essential to having an advantage in life. Keep them hurting, weak, tired, stressed, and they will need you, and do as you wish.

Peace is the enemy of those who wish to control your mind and body. Peace brings autonomy and independence, new ideas, opportunity, confidence, novel advantages and an open mind. Anyone selling self help will try to compel you that you need their assistance. In fact, it’s more common these days to get a guru instead of learning the ways of self empowerment. The guru wants you to need them forever, to give him all you have starting with your trust. He uses simple body language tricks to communicate directly with your inner child. This is another way to keep you from being an individual, from having peace that comes from you, without a crutch, without an outside person that you depend on. But I’ll admit, gurus are made by the masses of the weak people who don’t feel strong enough to help themselves. It’s the same as church, or going to a football game to feel integrated in a crowd. This brings up the hive mind theory.

My idea of Hive Mind is that there is no leader, but an emergent leading force that comes from the collective. This is how birds fly in flocks and fish swim in schools. There is no leader, and yet they act in a coherent way. Humans experience this. We try to blame whoever we feel is in charge but there is no one to blame, because it’s all of us. If we don’t acknowledge the hive mind, we will never take responsibility for ourselves as individuals who are part of something bigger than ourselves. We will blame whoever we think has the most power and influence. But once again, the people create the guru. At best, the guru represents good intentions had by the people. He/She represents the highest ideals. The guru is simply gifted with sensitivity for those things and is recognized by enough people that He gains the status of the embodiment of those highest ideals. Seeing those ideals embodied raises the faith and focus of the people. He becomes a fetish.