Pay Your Models

Get the best models you can. Pay for the best if you want to do your best. There will always be girls who will shoot “for free” but they may or may not show up. Pay and they will fucking show up and work their ass off for it and smile and be happy and say thank you and hug you when it’s all over. Get experienced professional models that aren’t going to just sit there but also aren’t going to do overt poses unless you need classic pinup, because pinup is basically a tribute to classic glam. A model can be like a film performer. A good model knows about subtlety and painting a mood and can communicate and ask questions.

This is a 35mm film shoot with a large hanging softbox loaded with some kind of constant bulbs. Probably CFL but maybe LED. This was about 2010 or so. I was living in this studio and I would do it again in a heartbeat.