Problem with Mutual Friends Social Networking

The thing that sucks about FB is the mutual friends facet. Suggesting mutual friends just perpetuates bubbles and isolation but even beyond that it forces random people into your feed where the topics have nothing to do with them. It’s far better to be networked with like minds, not mutual friends. That’s just total bullshit.

That may not be really clear tho. Mutual Interests vs Mutual Friends is what I’m comparing.

Mutual Friends share things like where you live, local businesses, local news, and this is what it is. The unfortunate thing is it takes the place of Mutual Interests. It just seems weird to me. FB tells me who I should be friends with by limiting my friend adding to whom it suggests to me. You can’t search for friends by interest and they can’t search for me. We are also told what we are to be interested in. Our minds aren’t free here.

If like minds make you more toxic because you’re interested in complaining about life, well that’s your personal choice, at least it should be. But suggesting mutual friends kills the mind by pushing you together with people you do not know but are compelled to get to know because you are friends with one of their friends. What this is causing is everyone who are friends on FB to take on the programming in the void of their opportunity to take initiative to seek their own interests.
It’s boring and annoying.

The old internet made you the master of your mind’s destiny. It was way different. There are still communities and web productions out there that give you mental freedom and free expression, but they are like 100(‘s)k people and not multi billions. They are more cohesive and can develop their own cultural norms and not be forced to obey the “greater good” for the sake of a monotheist monolithic final solution social governance which FB is.

Mutual Friend and real identity based social grouping also makes people peculiarly accountable to each other and creates a webbed network where everyone is taught not to question the mental programming, and makes us easier to control and easier to threaten with our livelihood.