We should all naturally be against monopolies and even more so against heartless monopolies void of human accountability. Such is the situation today where systems which we rely on for our basic needs are controlled by computers with no possibility of human interaction. These tools are used for greater efficiency than competing systems, which is naturally what evolution does.

When I got hacked, there were no humans to help me, except in one case, a small web production was able to change my email address for me and send a password reset, because they know me personally and they have real people working in their office.

Google and Facebook were not able to help me. They used me and threw me away. They are the technocracy. See how heavily they wave the flag of humanitarianism but see how they actually regard their user base. They are not invested in people. They are invested in power through data.

We should not trust cold systems that are unable to make human judgements about our human conditions. Many honest hard working and intelligent people have had to start over just because of a lack of investment in humans by Google and Facebook. They don’t care about your well being. They don’t care about anyone’s well being.

Covid is being used as an excuse. “We don’t have enough people on staff to handle your issues”. Facebook has billions of users and sells ads and has plenty of money. But much like our medical care crisis, where we have all been made so sick by industry, that no one is able to help us out of it because there aren’t enough resources to care for the multitudes of sick in this 3rd world nation known as the United States. We have nice clothes, nice cars that we don’t own, nice houses we don’t own, and we work in nice buildings that we don’t own while paying interest and taxes coming and going.

The technocracy has the same problems. Instead of making us sick and not being able to fix it, they make us insecure, and they make out data and identities insecure and have no way to fix it. They control government policy which protects them. They control politics which protects their power and policy. They promote “trusting experts” which is authoritarian instead of collective consideration of facts which is Democratic.