We Don’t Need a Spiritual Revolution

We need less spirituality and more practicality. Spiritual people are easy to control since they are very open to suggestion and influence about things that don’t have to be proven with facts and figures. Maybe you are saying, “I’m spiritual and I’m not easily controlled.” And I’m glad, but I think that’s probably because you’re actually not spiritual but rather an independent thinker with an open mind that realizes that human beings possess more than the 5 obvious senses.

Spirituality has some of its roots in theism or in “being like God”. This instantly removes the humanity from the path and with it practicality and materialism. This opens the door to allowing material rights to be given away willingly.

As human beings we possess qualities that any god would envy. Our works are not filthy rags and this body is not simply meat and bones as some dogma would like us to believe. We have no external deity or idol we must worship or ask permission from unless we create it with our minds.

We create ideology and gods to institutionalize implicit social contracts and these contracts are flawed because the foundation on which they stand is flawed.

Why do rulers take more than the people below them are given? Because the ruler has great material responsibilities and must spend great resources protecting the people in a natural world which has always been trying to kill every one of us. It’s unfathomable that each of us is alive today against all the odds which have been against us, and these stressors are what make us living and surviving beings on a changing planet. The ruler is the executive faculty of the body.

We need cooperation in order to thrive. Religion and cosmological folk tales have served to establish the foundation on which modern civilization was and is currently being built. Many children are taught spiritual folk songs that prime them for integration into the social norms that support the policies of modern civilization. And so we align ourselves as civilized based on shared beliefs.

Even those fighting one another in sub groups are still of the same belief system which is one of modern civilization divided into sociological interpretation. They all go to the same Temple or Institution and carry out procedures in ways which are agreed upon by all members as a sort of ritual of servitude and status within the Halls of the ruling class.

we need to break free from, or be able to step away from those establishments in which the ruling class has had plenty of time to infiltrate with propaganda and agendas that coerce the attention and obedience of the majority, or of a critical threshold of the population through demoralization. This moral vacuum is replaced with the program that suits the rulers rather than allowing a new way to emerge from the people based on their clear lucid understanding of their rational basic and higher needs both as individuals and as a community or multiple communities. We are not given this luxury as we are put in a state of alarm about global threats such as pandemics and climate change which hog the policy legislative bandwidth leaving no chance for the people to have their say. Any challenge to the alarm is answered with silencing and being labeled a threat to Democracy or whatever popular label has been agreed upon by the minders and online social police.

I’ll end this one here so look for part 2 later on.