I share things I make. They are music, art and philosophy.

Kings of Novelty

There are people who give all they have to experience the novel things in life. They are sometimes builders who love to create new spaces, and they are travelers who love to experience an intimate relationship with movement, and find themselves on a motorcycle one month and a sailboat the next month. They are photographers who meet new people and capture them in a new way. They are campers who bring their home with them on the road or sleep on the ground under the stars to let nature be the theater of novelty they crave.

They are seldom grounded, and seldom where you are. They are often hard to predict and figure out. They have adaptive minds and hearts that welcome change if that change means breaking up the monotony and bringing fresh inspiration and opportunity. They suffer when the seasons never change.

They try everything once, twice, three times, and take on the best shape for the changing times. They learn constantly with that open mind. They drop what doesn’t serve them and they travel light. Their possessions are skills and knowledge that afford them a light step and a light heart, as they cut out heavy tools, and give away what they can reacquire when they need it again.

They aren’t defined by collections and possessions but by experience and space.