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Pale Face

These are some from this shoot. One is two negatives stacked. Thanks for getting naked in my friends closet.

Draven Piano and BTS shot

Philadelphia 2009. My Studio. Found Piano. Sprinkled Pinecone. Hanging Softbox. Film Cameras.


A ghost caught on film

Scans of Carissa. A ghost caught on film.If you could read my mind loveWhat a tale my thoughts could tellJust like an old time moviebout a ghost in a wishing well We all dream, all day and all night. We dream more than we live. We were only kids. Now where are we? Where are…

Fear is not a Teacher

When thinking about making the world a better place, I think about love vs fear. I also know that these are general and broad terms. But they can be broken down into more specific ideas. Fear is based on control, and Love is based on freedom. Both are tools of progress, but one puts the…

Layer upon Layer

I’ve been looking for new models who live along the highways that I’ll be venturing on my next road trip from Montana to Florida. Normally I like to bring musical instruments with me but I’m flying there so I’m traveling light. I could always order a ukulele from Amazon after I get off the plane….

Bad Beauty

I see beauty in struggle, bondage, pain, the dirt, the water, the fire, the blood, the breath, the lies, the damage, because seeing the truth brings these things into the light, so I can face the reality around me, and understand not just with my mind but my heart, mixing in hope, beauty and familiar…

Pay Your Models

Get the best models you can. Pay for the best if you want to do your best. There will always be girls who will shoot “for free” but they may or may not show up. Pay and they will fucking show up and work their ass off for it and smile and be happy and…

Orange Lounge

Beauty and Glam in ambient light on the Orange Sectional Kelsey doin poses on at my place for a quick shoot to give me some practice and update my portfolio a bit.


Brit – Performer and Photographer Britney is an aerialist and portrait photographer at @gfreeyogi and @pixie_perfect_productions on Instagram. We like spontaneously creating together when I’m down her way over the Skyway Bridge. Here’s a few shots from our very quick visit to the flower fields where she eventually got bit by a strange looking spider….