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Orange Lounge

Beauty and Glam in ambient light on the Orange Sectional Kelsey doin poses on at my place for a quick shoot to give me some practice and update my portfolio a bit.


Brit – Performer and Photographer Britney is an aerialist and portrait photographer at @gfreeyogi and @pixie_perfect_productions on Instagram. We like spontaneously creating together when I’m down her way over the Skyway Bridge. Here’s a few shots from our very quick visit to the flower fields where she eventually got bit by a strange looking spider….

Hethe Nox Rocks

This girl knocks my socks off. I miss working with her. I’m just uploading our whole shoot unedited because who gives a fuck anymore about anything. The world is about to end.

We Don’t Need a Spiritual Revolution

We need less spirituality and more practicality. Spiritual people are easy to control since they are very open to suggestion and influence about things that don’t have to be proven with facts and figures. Maybe you are saying, “I’m spiritual and I’m not easily controlled.” And I’m glad, but I think that’s probably because you’re…


We should all naturally be against monopolies and even more so against heartless monopolies void of human accountability. Such is the situation today where systems which we rely on for our basic needs are controlled by computers with no possibility of human interaction. These tools are used for greater efficiency than competing systems, which is…

Favorite Camera and Film Combo

I decided it was time to buy some more film which reminds me of a type of film and type of camera that I have used to take some of my favorite portraits. This is a 35mm rangefinder camera. This Minolta Hi Matic 7 didnt work when I got it for $10 from a local…

Original Sin

What is Porn? Visual depictions of women sold into sex slavery.This is the ancient etymological and contextual origin of the word. Prostitution is not an ancient occupation, it’s an ancient exploitation of enslaved women if not also of men or boys but less so.Prostitute literally means to present to the public. Another contextually explanation is…

I’m a person. That’s enough

It’s amazing starting over. New facebook, new instagram, new youtube, new twitter. It’s another learning chapter. It’s kind of nice, even tho it wasn’t by choice and I was hacked and youtube/google and facebook/instagram are incompetent tyrannical dystopian monopolies run by robots. I don’t need the internet to have relationships. It’s much better to just…

Pool Party / My Place

Nervous nervous and anxious waiting for this hot young model to show up. Changing location at last minute. Clean my studio up. Try to make things nice. Oh great, the local band is rehearsing here same time we are shooting. Minor set back. She can’t find the place. Ok she’s here. She looks like Shelly,…

Finally a Fucking Loser

I always wanted to be a lowlife shit head like all the cool stylish drug addicts and artists well now I’m a fucking loser like I always wanted. I can’t do anything right. I commented on Gemma Thompson’s instagram something normal she blocks me. She’s my favorite guitarist. I bought my amp inspired by her….