31 photos of Fetish and Pinup Model Pandora Von Kit “Axe You”

I built a little photo vignette for us to do an alternative model vintage character study. I love this stuff. Retro lamp, my brothers old axe, an old vinyl chair that was probably in a bank lobby, some cheap fabric curtains, a concrete floor, and creative gentle lighting, but best of all, an amazing stunning rare beautiful talented model who was called Pandora Von Kit. She was mostly a pinup and fetish model but she isn’t modeling any more. They don’t usually last long in this creative world. We all have our golden hour in the sun.

I’ve been going through old hard drives and organizing everything onto a new smaller faster more portable hard drive as I’m getting back into shooting full time for my personal work again. I’ll be doing Art Photography with models and muses around the United States perhaps as I travel by car but also I was planning some motorcycle adventure camping and shooting for afternoons at golden hour and around the camp fire and river banks. I wonder how much gear I could take on a motorcycle. I’m sure I’d be sleeping in a hammock.

Anyways I am so inspired and thrilled to work with the best models I can find. I could be doing boring work and making very little money or I can do what I love and make zero money. I’m sure I can turn it into something that pays for itself. Meanwhile, playing music pays the bills usually.