Till The Pandemic is Over

The pandemic is a great excuse to do and not do things. For one, I could say,

  1. not going to work till it’s over. I’ll live in the woods and eat grass.
  2. not use social media till it’s over. just watch movies and eat grass.
  3. walk 2 miles a day and eat grass.
  4. i was living on a boat but that got old after a year.
  5. i tried starting a band or finding musicians but it’s not possible right now.
  6. i tried making youtube videos but it got too hot and infested with mosquitoes in my shared studio to work.
  7. I tried doing social media but all my stuff got hacked by pandemic hackers and I had to start over with new accounts.
  8. whew, at this point, I’m just waiting for my backpay for unemployment so I’ll have some chance at life once things start again. I guess.
  9. there’s few things if any that I want to do now, or ever any more. what if I just don’t want to do anything ever again?
  10. it’s like everything I have or am trying is just failing.
  11. it’s a known fact that most things don’t work and are broken. So we stand on tiny islands in a sea of desparation.