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Humility vs Entitlement

are we living in humble times or narcissistic times? are there more gentle humble people produced from this society or more narcissists? Is there more mental well-being or more mental illness? Are we being taught to be this way? Are we being taught to be fake and live in fantasies and maintain those split mind…

Affirmation and Deficiency

Affirmations are ways of soothing vulnerabilities in troubling times. But this can be a sign of deficiency that needs to be addressed in times of peace. Truth is only palatable to those who appreciate it’s value. If you only appreciate how something makes you feel, and the not the sacrifice made for it for someone…

Moments of Peace

In moments of peace we reflect on war tho it seem distant. We know our peace is only localized and temporary at best and needs constant upkeep. We know the war and opposition and those who wish to take from us are only a paper thin cell away. We know that a storm is coming,…

Cracked Up

Things aren’t what they are cracked up to be. When you get what you want you don’t want what you get. It’s on to the next thing. That momentum and that hope for the next thing is great. But you have to be able to feel like you accomplished the previous thing or else you…

Problem with Mutual Friends Social Networking

The thing that sucks about FB is the mutual friends facet. Suggesting mutual friends just perpetuates bubbles and isolation but even beyond that it forces random people into your feed where the topics have nothing to do with them. It’s far better to be networked with like minds, not mutual friends. That’s just total bullshit….

Wild Winds of Change

Times Like This

Times Like This – Matthew K Mayes Original 2021 What is enjoyment? Something that gives you joy. What is joy? Getting what you want. How can you have joy if you want nothing? Pleasure – to get what pleases you. To get what aligns with your complexes. When things go agreeably for you. To feel…

Till The Pandemic is Over

The pandemic is a great excuse to do and not do things. For one, I could say, not going to work till it’s over. I’ll live in the woods and eat grass. not use social media till it’s over. just watch movies and eat grass.walk 2 miles a day and eat grass.i was living on…

Orange Lounge

Beauty and Glam in ambient light on the Orange Sectional Kelsey doin poses on at my place for a quick shoot to give me some practice and update my portfolio a bit.


Brit – Performer and Photographer Britney is an aerialist and portrait photographer at @gfreeyogi and @pixie_perfect_productions on Instagram. We like spontaneously creating together when I’m down her way over the Skyway Bridge. Here’s a few shots from our very quick visit to the flower fields where she eventually got bit by a strange looking spider….