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I made a new film photography hashtag for instagram #bravegirlsonfilm to use for me a few friends who like nude girls on film in nature and abandoned places, and hotels, and whatever. Some of these “scans” are low quality, and … Continued

Sekaa by Mojokiss

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Dear Sekaa, I met you just once, briefly, and we chatted while I built the set. I don’t even know how old you are, but you have a timeless appeal, both in your modeling and in your persona. You say … Continued

Mea St Pete

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Today my lovely dear friend Mea stopped by to play around with photos. She had been away from modeling or even having fun with pictures for a long time. We caught up and had good conversation about how messed up … Continued

This Portrait Photographer Speaks

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Introduction Photography is perhaps the most general area of discussion on the planet because it’s subjectivity spans from deliberate design to accidental capture. There are many ways to organize the points of photography, but perhaps the least frustrating is to … Continued

My Photos of Razor Candi

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Photos of Razor Candi I took over the years. I wish I had been a better photographer! She has amazing style and an amazing look, always one of my favorite central florida goth goddesses.