Censor This

The internet is a fucked up place. Passwords, Identities, Brands.

Facebook and Google run this shit. They decide who does what and gets places. It’s sad and scary. We should destroy them all. I’m blocked on every possible social media platform. I’m only writing here because it’s all I have left. I get like 3 to 10 likes on my instagram posts and I have like 122 followers. It’s sad and an insult to my art. I can’t even buy ads.

It’s depressing. I used to be so into it. I was living in an art studio in Philly and shooting all the time. Even that had it’s horrible nightmares tho, forshadowing the eternal night we now live in as artists.

Artists are gentle souls, not so much warriors of the ways of the world. We are last on the list to get fed and clothed and helped because we don’t really fight for that. We don’t fight to be heard. Our voices are often quiet and we need to be found by the grace of others searching for our light.

Most of my work was lost before it saw the light. Tons of film got lost in the mail. Lots of shots got lost on my laptop before I could edit them. Others were accidentally deleted from cards. You only get so much chance but I’m obsessive so I’m not giving up. I feel like someone is throwing a party in my own house and asking me to stay in the closet.

To me, art isn’t a business or a social game. It’s magic. It’s life and death.

I can’t even access my google account for my own business and google won’t help me at all. I can’t access my youtube I had for 15 years and there is no help. I’m not a stranger to this kind of devastation.

I’m just sitting here as I often do, trying to figure out how to beat this beast of fortune.