Deck Hand – Shooting with one Light

Shown here are a list of frames from a shoot with mixed light during sunset with the sun already below the horizon for at least part of the shoot. The clouds set a nice backdrop with water and the dock being in an acceptable exposure level with nothing too light or dark. The lines are interesting, and the model (Marliese) is doing an amazing job of presenting good posture.

The light I have added to the composition is off camera on a stand. It doesn’t matter the power or brand, except that it’s a strobe. Usually my shutter will be between 60 and 125 for this kind of shot. My F-stop would be around 5.6. iso would be 100. The lens was probably something cheap during the time of this shoot which is many years ago.

I like to set up the frame of the lens against the backdrop and overall composition first. I like space around the story pieces in the scene to show how they relate to the larger environment.