Keeping To Myself

I’ve always wanted to be a writer. I’ve always wanted to be an artist. I’ve always wanted to create. I did a lot of photography. Why not do a lot of writing? Few may see it. Even the best artists only have a few of their works ever get to be very popular. The body of work is often overlooked. Few actual celebrities are every fully appreciated or known or accurately judged because their work is overshadowed by their own fame, and parts they played which take attention from the rest of their body of work.

One thing at a time. As I create, I do one thing at a time. I do it deeply. I do it till something stops me or until I’m satisfied. Right now I am coming to a slight break from doing a lot of music. I bought a very expensive and rare guitar amplifier that looks just beautiful. I could include it as part of my look, sound and brand, part of my story. I should get on that.

Not on Facebook. I don’t like the idea of being on Facebook. I don’t need what it gives me. I’m only there because I’m nowhere else. I’m not being social anywhere. I’m never going to get famous on Facebook or Instagram. Here’s an idea. Play music, do an act, design the whole thing, develop it, rehearse it, present it to the public. It’s that simple. Yet, I have become so lost in the complex web of distractions and diversions online for my whole life to the degree that I never just put my focus and faith into designing a good stage show. Well, I did it once or twice very successfully but I then went back to chasing phantoms. Maybe the internet dream is finally dead to me, and I can finally live my real dream.

I shot these pics with a $10 camera and a $5 roll of film in a $150 a month studio in which I also lived, in Philly in 2010 and this was one of the best times of my life tho I was miserable in a way. But this is all you get. It’s all any of us get. Moments that we don’t even realize are happening until they are gone.